Advice For Taking the Perfect Photo for Heather

It is essential to have a good photograph to work from. I can only draw what is in the photo so it needs to be clear, close up and typical of what your subject looks like.

You need a photograph that is sharp, clear and a reasonable size i.e. filling the frame rather than a dot on the landscape. It needs to be a typical pose for example if one ear is always up, it needs to be shown in the photo. If you can supply more than one photo, but identify the one which you wish drawn that can be helpful but not essential.

Nowadays with digital photography, it is generally easy and cheap to snap away until you get a desired pose, however lighting is important. Flash is too harsh and can cause red eye, as is direct sunlight both can make your subject squint and cause false shadows. Bright, overcast days are best but if it is sunny have the sun behind your subject but meter on their face or it will become a silhouette. A bright indoor room is good especially with net curtains as this will diffuse the light again preventing harsh shadows.


Getting the right look / pose can be the hardest part; I would always suggest getting down to their level and normally with them looking at the camera (but not straight on). You need to get their attention, as they will know what you are trying to do and deliberately frustrate you!! Food is normally tempting, but you may find that they just want to walk over to you, so somebody standing just behind the camera with a toy or calling their name can be a great asset. When you have a photo that makes you think 'that is him/her' then we can start. Please feel free to email me with any questions on the suitability of your Photo.